Diễn đàn: Xterminate Chain Curtain Fly Screen
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Xterminate Chain Curtain Fly Screen

These door chain curtains are a simple but super-effective way to keep flies from your property. If you want a no-nonsense pest control method to prevent flies and other flying insects from buzzing around your home or workplace, the classic door chain screen is the way to go. With 69 fly chain lengths tightly packed onto a lightweight rail, it forms an effective screen against all types of flying insects.To get more news about chain fly screen, you can visit mesh-fabrics official website.

Tough but Lightweight Anodised Aluminium Chain

Made from anodised aluminium, these door chains are rust-resistant, durable, and lightweight enough for even children and pets to brush through them with ease. Despite their light weight, these door chains are still far too heavy for flies to buzz past them, meaning you can leave your door open all summer long without inviting flies into your home.

Complement Your Existing Fly Zapper

For best results, you can combine your fly screen with an Xterminate electric fly killer to keep your house completely fly-free all summer – and all year – long!

Easy to Install

This incredible-value fly screen comes with everything you need to install it in just a few minutes. Place it above any door in your home or workplace – if you have double doors, you can easily place two fly screens side-by-side so you can enjoy the fresh air from your garden without having to worry about being bothered by flies. Your fly screen even comes with two extra chain lengths.
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