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Trích dẫn xysoom Replybullet Chủ đề: The third CIIE to offer more with six business exh
    Ngày gửi: 08 Jan 2021 lúc 3:10pm
The third CIIE to offer more with six business exhibition areas

There are only two days till the opening of the third CIIE. There are six business exhibition areas of the upcoming expo: Food and Agricultural Products, Automobile, Intelligent Industry & Information Technology, Consumer Goods, Medical Equipment & Healthcare Products and Trade in Services. More than 1,000 enterprises from nearly 100 countries and regions will showcase their food products at the third CIIE, including nearly 30 Fortune Global 500 and industry-leading companies. Exhibits cover all aspects of the food industry including dairy, fruit and vegetables, beverages and liquor, meat, aquatic products, frozen food, leisure food, sweets and seasonings.To get more news about CIIE 2020, you can visit shine news official website.
The automobile exhibition of the third CIIE covers 30,000 square meters and will feature the latest developments in the auto industry, including vehicles, components and auto services. More than 90 percent of the planned automobile exhibition is occupied by Fortune Global 500 companies and leading industry players. The world's top seven vehicle producers will be in attendance. Around 30 new auto products will make their global debut at the expo. This exhibition will for the first time have a brand-new section dedicated to smart transportation. Spanning 7,000 sq m, the section will reflect trends in the automotive industry.
More than 300 companies, including over 60 Fortune Global 500 companies and industry leaders, will have booths in this 70,000-square-meter exhibition area, which features high-end equipment, industrial products, material processing and molding equipment, industrial machinery, industrial automation and solutions, energy, energy conservation and environmental protection.
Covering an area of 90,000 sq m, the consumer goods exhibition features five sections: cosmetics and household chemicals, household goods and gifts, intelligent life and home appliances, maternal and child products, sporting and outdoor leisure, and fashion trends and arts. There are more than 800 exhibitors, including more than 30 Fortune Global 500 and industrial leading companies.
With a planned exhibition area of 30,000 sqm, the Trade in Services exhibition has more than 250 exhibitors showcasing services for the finance, logistics, consulting, testing and tourism industries. More than 50 of them are Fortune Global 500 and industry leaders. This is the first time that the finance section will include non-banking finance such as securities, credit agencies and supply chain financing companies. The number of finance exhibitors will be double that of last year.
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