Diễn đàn: Name Game Bracelet KIT – Custom
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Name Game Bracelet KIT – Custom

The name, initials, or word you’d like on your bracelet. Double check your spelling, this will be exactly what you receive. Put them all in as one word, no spaces, commas, no numbers or symbols please.To get more news about personalized projection necklace, you can visit koalaprint.com official website.

Talk color inspo to me. We’ll do our best to put together a special box for you. We suggest noting 3-5 colors you’d like or feel free to just tell me a color MOOD and you’ll be surprised with a box of awesomeness. No fuchsia or bright pink available at this time. Just the soft pinks we use in other styles.
We wanted to come up with something special for you to do at home with your family and this Kit fast became one of our best sellers. Create your own fully customized Kit! The only thing you’ll need at home is scissors and some superglue to keep those knots secure once you finish off your masterpieces.

What will your Kit include?

1 bag – 30 letters of your choosing including a mix of heart beads.
1 bag – Large hole glass beads, mixed colors.
6 bags – Small glass seed beads. This will make around 7-8 bracelets depending on the size, but most clients have found they’re able to make more. Tell me what colors you like, the vibe you’re trying to create, etc. This is not an exact science but I will do my best to make sure your kit is a custom mix of awesome shades based on your requests!
Stretch cord
Optional Add ons:
Silver and/or gold beads: Mix of metallic accent beads with two buddha beads and two evil eyes (random colors) in gold plate or silver plate.
Additional letters: Bag of letters including 5 beads of each letter
Does NOT include superglue so you’ll want to have this on hand to secure your knots.
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