Diễn đàn: LuxglitterLin Guardian Angel Wings Cremation Jewel
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LuxglitterLin Guardian Angel Wings Cremation Jewelry for Ashes H

Angel wing Heart Ashes Necklace engraved "Always on my mind forever in my heart" on the front is a delicate gift for family and friends, you can send them to people you want to cherish on Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving and New Year.The cremation memorial pendant, designed with hearts detailed clear crystal , is a small urn, which can hold some amount of cremated ashes, a pile of hair, pet fur, perfume or dried flowers, so that they will be remembered in our hearts forever.To get more news about custom figurine, you can visit koalaprint.com official website.

Heart Cremation Urn Necklace Material:Made of 316L stainless steel,pendant &chain will never rust, corrode, rust or stain.
Heart Crystal Ash Holder Size: Angel wing pendant:Height 1.05 inch,width:0.77inch,Chain length: 55+5cm
Packing List:1*Heart urn pendant+1*adustable chain +1* miniature funnel fill kit +1*velvet pouch
Cremation Jewelry for Ashes Unparralled Design:"Always on my mind forever in my heart"cremation jewelry Can Fill With Cremains & Ashes, Crushed Flowers, Dirt, Special Messages,Hair, Perfume. Wonderful Keepsake for Memorized Loved One Or Thing You like to Cherish Forever.High polished Surface, Smooth and Comfortable to Wear.
Steps to fill the ashes :Prepare all the tools and pendant;Unscrew the pendant and prepare the ash;Put the funnel into pendant opening hole, use spoon to fill the pendant;Use the pin to help ashes go inside the hole
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