Diễn đàn: Working principle and performance characteristics
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Working principle and performance characteristics of belt juicer

1. Pre-processing stage. The solid content of the original slurry is generally very low. Gravity sedimentation or other methods must be used to increase the slurry concentration to reduce processing costs. The commonly used pretreatment method is: mixing the concentrated sludge with a high-molecular flocculant, and under the action of the flocculant, the fine particles are aggregated into agglomerates and preliminary settled. This is the preparation condition for the sludge to be dewatered on the machine.To get more news about ">Industrial juicing machine, you can visit hlmachines.com official website.

2. Gravity dehydration stage. The flocculated pretreated sludge is added to the filter belt. Under the action of gravity, free water outside the floc is filtered through the filter belt, which reduces the water content of the sludge.
3. Wedge-shaped pre-pressure dehydration stage. After gravity dehydration, the sludge begins to enter the wedge-shaped pressing section, and the gap between the filter belts gradually shrinks. Squeezing and shearing of sludge are started to dewater the sludge again. After this stage, the sludge fluidity is almost completely lost, thereby ensuring that the sludge will not be squeezed out in the squeeze dewatering section under normal circumstances.
4. Pressing and dehydrating stage. The sludge is repeatedly squeezed and sheared by a well-designed press roller system to remove a large amount of capillary action water, which gradually reduces the sludge moisture to form a sludge filter cake. The filter cake is unloaded at the separation of the filter belt The scraper scrapes off. After unloading, the filter cloth is washed into the next cycle.
Performance characteristics of belt juicer
1. Adopt advanced Austrian technology, beautiful appearance.
2. The structure has large rigidity, stable operation and low noise.
3. Equipped with advanced thickening pretreatment equipment, it has good flocculation effect on sludge and low operating cost.
4. The gravity dewatering area is equipped with advanced distributors to make the material evenly distributed and prolong the life of the filter belt.
5. With ultra-long gravity dewatering zone and wedge-shaped dewatering zone, the material is fully dehydrated to ensure that the material will not overflow in the press zone.
6. The roller system is arranged in a scientific and orderly manner. Gravity dehydration, wedge dehydration, and press dehydration are discharged separately without interference. The diameter ratio of the press dewatering roller is large, and the dewatering effect is good, so the production capacity is large, energy saving and high efficiency.
7. Continuous operation from feeding to discharging mud cake, high degree of automation, PLC interface can be set according to needs, which is convenient for centralized control by microcomputer.
8. The power transmission mechanism adopts mechanical or variable frequency stepless speed regulation, which has a wide range of speed regulation and wide adaptability.
9. Equipped with a reliable backwash device to ensure the dehydration effect of the filter belt.
10. Pneumatic tensioning and pneumatic automatic correction device are adopted to ensure the safe and normal operation of the filter belt.
11. Safe and reliable operation, using infrared safety protection and a comprehensive emergency safety stop device.
12. Filter belts of different specifications can be configured according to different materials, with high filtration accuracy.
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