Diễn đàn: Newly Designed Salt Packing Machine
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Gia nhập: 04 Mar 2021
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    Ngày gửi: 19 Oct 2021 lúc 11:16am
Synda Pack manufactures and supplies all salt packing machines for the salt industry. We can supply a complete salt packing machine line according to your packaging needs.Get more news about Salt Packing Machine,you can vist our website!

There’re a lot of salt packing machines in the market, but not durable to use and easy to operate. Synda Pack is able to choose the most suitable salt packing machine to meet your requirement.

Synda Pack will supply the customized salt packing machine for your factory and business. Our machines range from 10g sachet salt packing machine, 1 kg salt packing machine, 25kg salt packing machine, bag-in-bag salt packing machine, and box salt packing machine.
All salt packaging machinery are erosion-proof for salt
Reliable and safe for salt packaging
Superfine converged belt conveying system
Specially designed volumetric cup filler for salt filling
Weigher checker and metal detector for safe salt packing
The central control system makes it more intelligent and safe salt packaging process
Customized salt packaging line layout for your salt process factory
Spare parts and installation provided
24/7 technical support
IP IP Logged
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