Diễn đàn: Sell 1:1 High Quality AF1 Fake
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Gia nhập: 11 Feb 2022
Đến từ: United States
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Trích dẫn JordanKicks Replybullet Chủ đề: Sell 1:1 High Quality AF1 Fake
    Ngày gửi: 04 Jul 2022 lúc 5:09pm
The upcoming Fake Off White × Air Force 1 features spotless white leather uppers marked with printed altered Swooshes in black. Additional detailing includes mesh tongues and "NIKE AIR" labelled orange leather heel tabs. Finishing up the shoe's design are white laces, printed insoles and clean white AF1 sole units. Next, Black branding runs throughout; Orange leather appears on the heel, while the Glitch Swoosh logos land on the panels. There is a White midsole and corresponding rubber outsole to complete the look.
Surely this pair will be trendy for this year as these shoes are very fashionable and comfortable. They're going to be the favourite pair in the continued athleisure trend.
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