Diễn đàn: If you're playing like League of Legends
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Gia nhập: 17 Sep 2022
Đến từ: Afghanistan
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Trích dẫn WANGYUE WANGYUE Replybullet Chủ đề: If you're playing like League of Legends
    Ngày gửi: 17 Sep 2022 lúc 2:41pm
For the psychology thing I took a test and was like "whatever". A lot of things I do overlap so I'm the "chill type" I guess. The thing is they really separate the introverts and extroverts, and I really don't think I'm one of those. I like my private time but I like to hang out with people as well. So I don't really associate with the psychology types that well.

A question from me, I wanted to ask your opinion about the growing WOTLK Classic pro scene, do WOTLK Gold you think it's only going to get bigger? Or do you think that everybody needs to be careful about how it's handled as it might develop into a bubble that could burst?

I don't think they should worry about the bubble thing. Because the more events happen, the more better events can happen. I mean Bucharest "Oh single elimination is apparently bad" so yeah. Just don't worry about it too much. And the thing is, it's interesting,because nobody expected WOTLK Classic to be this big. It's just an online card game. So the thing, is if you analyse it a bit more, it's really relatable.

If you're playing like League of Legends, sometimes a new player doesn't know what's happening. Like sometimes you don't know what's happening in a MOBA or Starcraft as well. There's so much cam switching, etc. But with WOTLK Classic, all the information is there and you get to make the choices along with the player. That's really what drives WOTLK Classic to be where it is right now, and I am really excited to see where it's going. I don't think we have to be careful of a bubble bursting, so just go allowing out.

Well that's really how I approach games buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold. I think most clearly when I'm just treating it as a positive or learning experience. You always try and treat the game as trying to find a solution to a problem. Here with WOTLK Classic the problem is how do you win a tournament? Go find a solution. So if you think of it that way, it's really hard to get man because you're always repeating the game in your own mind and think "What should I have done differently?".
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